torstai 11. lokakuuta 2007

Update from Hawaii

It is now day 9 in Hawaii and The Race is after two days. Preparing for the heat, humidity and jet lack has gone well, although it has been a bit harder than I thought before hand.

I made the "finishing exercise" yestarday. It was the first exercise here that went "normally". Meaning that my body is adapting to local environment quite well. "Filling" up has started like I have planned. Rest depends on THE (IRON)man and his genes! ;D

Also other Finnish triathletes, Tiina Boman and Tom Söderdahl, are in fire.

Some great pics can be found from the picture gallery.

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Kuud lak tö reiss ool ty juu. Lot ov kissees and huks from sity of viskok.

T: Losko Pomminen